"Alexis has been great to say the least. He's really gone above and beyond the call of duty for us, given the complexity of the assignment. Additionally, our team-mates who have spoken to Alexis all feel the same way about his knowledge and expertise in the field of patent investigation and just the entire process related to Patents. We would highly recommend anyone looking for a Patent attorney who can dive into existing patents to consider Alexis."

Consumer Product Patent Research

Alexis did an outstanding job creating my non-provisional utility patent for a complex platform which consisted of both hardware and software components. His in depth understanding of the patent process and ability to decipher technical specifications and fill in the gaps for anything that was missed, allowed us to file a patent on a very tight deadline with very few modifications required. I would definitely work with Alexis again on my future patent needs."

Patent Registration

Alexis is great to work with -- he really gets the science and he does his very best to maximise the value and scope of the patent. I will be doing another project with him very soon. So I'm a repeat customer. Which I think says it all. Thanks for a wonderful job!"

Utility Patent Filing